That's the 2nd version of my Moc. This set is quite hard to mod because the chassis isn't as tall as needed.
But, here you are, a fully-working version of this lego set. Have fun! :-)

Additional parts/building steps

[li]I can't add the 2 Extension Wire in the LDD model, so even if they're listed here you can't find them in the instructions. They connet the two motors placed on the rear part of the chassis.
[li]A 24 tooth gear is not in its place, it's just added outside the moc in the LDD file (it's also listed here) but it must be put here.
[li]Another 24 tooth gear must be put here.


Name 8053 Set Motorized v2
Designer fede.97
Designed 2012
Parts 1346
Theme Technic
Modification of 8053-1 Mobile Crane
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