Arwing (from Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars)




This is my first custom model using LEGO Digital Designer. It is the Arwing from Starfox 64 (originally on the Nintendo 64). Ever since I was a kid I wanted to build a LEGO Arwing -- so, once I discovered LDD, I spent basically 4 days straight making one. I hope you enjoy it and I envy you if you have the necessary pieces to make it (I've yet to collect them all). However, I have made sure that all of my chosen pieces do indeed exist in real life, so good luck.

Concerning the model itself, I did a good deal of research into the proportions of the model versus the sizing of minifigures. The model (assuming that the blueprint I used has correct measurements) is pretty much to scale with normal minifigures. I based everything on the lore established in 1997, so that means I had a little bit of fun filling in the details of the model (the intricacies of the cockpit, the texturing on the wings etc.) since the low-poly models from the game don't provide much in the way of definition.

The wings pivot horizontally as they do in the game and the wingtips also have a range of motion (though this is only so that they can have the correct shape).

I also had a nice little Fox character to ride inside, but the wolf head I was using for him was only ever made in grey. If anyone has any ideas on how to create a good Fox McCloud I'm definitely interested.

Otherwise yeah. Here's the Arwing I made. I hope that the nostalgia I poured into it resonates with you too!

(Also note that the printed panels I used in the cockpit can be substituted with any panel of the same shape. LDD doesn't have a very robust set of labels for the pieces so I just sort of used what I had available to me. The most accurate pieces are those listed in the parts here on Rebrickable.)
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Name Arwing (from Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars)
Designer jFolis
Designed 2013
Inventory 811 parts
Theme Space
Old Trafford
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