Crane Liebher LTR 11200




Crane Liebher LTR 11200.

Dimensions mast 1600 mm, height 300 mm, wide 260 mm and deep 460 mm.

2 L motor          driving.
1 M motor        hoisting wire.
1 L motor          mast rotating.
2 L motor          main mast up and down.
1 L motor          slide in and out mast.
4 M motor        stamps.
1 L motor          outriggers.

1 rechargeable battery.
4 IR receiver.
4 IR remote control.
Extension wires short.

 (Notof Lego) Counterweight (3 x 500gram lead grain) 70x40x35 mm
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Name Crane Liebher LTR 11200
Designer peteria
Designed 2017
Inventory 3524
Theme Technic
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™


  • 2 years ago Lorenzo92 (3K) MOC Designer
    Do you only have LXF? LXF is impossible to build Technic with...
    • 2 years ago peteria (4K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
      Yes, I'm using lego digital designer. So I only have lxf file.
      It does not really matter to build with it.
      You can print the html as pdf but it's not easy to build.
      • 2 years ago Lorenzo92 (3K) MOC Designer
        I think 20€ is too much for an LXF file. In my opinion if you're selling instructions for this amount, a PDF is mandatory. Almost all who sell PDF instructions here charge less too...
        • 2 years ago peteria (4K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
          Lego Digital Designer also has the tool building guide mode.
          You can also print the html file as pdf.
          It's just not very clear and almost inimitable.
          But in the build mode you can do anything about it.
          So you must be able to work with the program, otherwise it is indeed too expensive.
          • 2 years ago Lorenzo92 (3K) MOC Designer
            No, that's the problem. The building guide sucks for any Technic model.
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Building Instructions For Sale

This is a Premium MOC, and the instructions to build it are being sold by the designer (peteria) for €20.00

You will receive building instructions of type 3D File - LEGO Digital Designer LXF from the designer once you have organised payment with them.

Use LEGO Digital Designer to open these files and generate step by step building instructions.