Galactic Nautilus




In the age when starships are furrowing the vasts of the galaxy, a mysterious threat emerges from the darkest depths of space...

This model depicts space pirates' formidable flagship called Galactic Nautilus as its shape resembles a submarine.

Building tips:
→ Pay attention to mold variations of parts in the inventory. Some of them cannot be replaced with alternates:
1. Black and Light Bluish Gray Round Tiles 2x2 should be with cross underside stud (part no.4150) and not round underside stud (part no.14769).
2. Two versions of the jumper plates are listed in the inventory. A version with bottom stud holder is used only when the stud holder is required - such occasions are specially indicated in the instructions. In other cases a version without groove is used, though you may substitute it with a version with groove.
→ You do not need to buy rigid hoses and pneumatic tubes of exactly the same length as listed in the inventory. You may buy longer tubes and cut them. For example, here are all available Pearl Dark Gray rigid hoses. Alternatively, you may substitute Pearl Dark Gray hose with a black one. Moreover, in order to improve fixation of certain parts, you may use longer pieces of pneumatic hoses than those suggested in the inventory.
→ Please pay attention to the orientation of the model on each step of the instructions. It is being frequently turned over but both sides may sometimes look quite similar.
→ Note that the stand is quite fragile and is only intended for static exposition. Do not carry the model on the stand.

Additional links:
→ Photos on flickr.
→ Discussion on Eurobricks.
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Name Galactic Nautilus
Designer sheo
Designed 2015
Inventory 1651
Theme Space
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