31025 - Windmill and Bakery




Alt #1 for 31025 - Windmill and Bakery
A two-part building:
The Bakery
1) Oven (connecting to the windmill)
2) Display cupboard, with glass shelves
3) Window for pastry sales
4) Small pond at the back with a fat duck in it
5) Roof comes off easily to enable play inside
The Windmill
1) Spinning fan (I am particularly proud of managing that with the parts available)
2) Grindstone that spins (made of a wheel - does not connect to the fan, since set contains no transmission pieces)
3) Blocked windows - because of the fire, you know, that terrible fire last year.
4) Wooden installment at top, replacing the part that burned down.
5) creepers and vines along stone base
The connection - two pivot bricks allow to swing the bakery away from the windmill, allowing play inside mill and with baking oven.

At over 450 parts this is the largest alternate I ever made, and one of my largest MOCs. It is also one of the very few buildings I designed, unless you count the very small lighthouse and factory.
I built this with my son during the afternoon. after designing it during the week.
For technical reasons, the PDF is made of instructions for the bakery and the windmill separately. The problem is that if you build it like this, you can't connect the pivot bricks. Either do what I did (take it apart in strategic places so the hinges can be connected, and then reassemble) or build by the LXF. Sorry about that.

Enjoy, Merry Christmas to all!
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Name 31025 - Windmill and Bakery
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2017
Inventory 451
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 31025-1 Mountain Hut
Central Perk
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