Advent Calendar




Advent Calendar for family fun!

While there are a number of advent calendar figures, I could not find a "container" lego model to hold the 24 different figure parts and pieces.  So I built this MOC as a family project :).

Some notes about this MOC:
- It is very symmetrical (on purpose) so that it is easy to substitute parts
- I admit that it might be a bit "over-engineered", so gives you flexibility to maybe make it less complex
- The model holds 24 drawers and they should be large enough to hold the pieces for the advent calendar figures that can be built.
- Since the model is fairly large and heavy, I added "locks" for each drawer above the base level so that the drawers do not fall out and scatter pieces if the model must be moved (NOTE: I actual bought a 14" by 14" display case with a removable top and it worked great to place on a table where it can be enjoyed)
- The model has technic parts to have mini-figs move in and out of the model interior.  This was my very first use of Technic parts in a MOC and probably not exactly the way it should be done, but it did work and allows you to change the mini-figs whenever you want :)

Some notes about building this MOC:
- I have included an LXF file for the entire model, but I also included LXF files for each of the different levels and the drawers to make it easier to see the model
- The drawers are intended to be examples of what you can do.  The overall size needs to stay the same, but the front decoration and "pulls" for the drawers can be different and creative :)
- The Top level drawers and housing are slightly bigger than the other drawers because some advent calendar figures needed more room to store the pieces :)
- I have included a complete BOM for the entire model (including all 24 drawers) but again, many pieces can be substituted and creativity can be used to match your Lego pieces.
- I have created PDF instructions broken down by each level and the drawers, so you can see the build in parts and help facilitate members of the family helping to build :)
- In the Base+Level1 instructions, I included some notes about how to place the Technic pieces before completing the level 1 build.  This is critical to enable the moving min-fig rig.

Should be good family event to build the model, and then great fun each day leading up to Christmas (or other holidays that are important to your family throughout the year!)

I hope that you enjoy this MOC and please give me your comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. as I am still learning how to build good MOCs.
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Name Advent Calendar
Designer Marshbum
Designed 2017
Inventory 2478 parts
Theme Seasonal > Christmas
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