swoosh ONE Mark I




the swoosh one.

a small vessel for one purpose only - swoosh through the galaxy
don't worry about complaints during your journey. there's only one seat.
lean back, enjoy the stars and go for it.
no baggage, no guns. just you and the mysterious star sucking diamond engine with THREE diamonds. wow.

finally after so a long time on my shelf and then after an even longer time on my hard drive, the swoosh one made it here.
once again an alternative model - this time to Benny's Spaceship! 70816 . Of course it had to be swooshable. the stud.io model is as complete as stud.io will allow. unfortunately there is no way to add the flexible hoses, as you have to bend them. So please take a look at the top shot foto for reference. It's the main part of the star sucking engine after all!
I'm still working on the pdf instructions and already must applaud everyone on the community who manages to make usable instructions. It's quite time consuming.

hope you have fun with this one. I did ;)
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Name swoosh ONE Mark I
Designer wojs
Designed 2017
Inventory 332 parts
Theme Space
Alternate Build of 70816-1 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!
Old Trafford
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