Formula 1 car (2017/2018 variant)




This is my first ever crack at a Formula 1 car, and while the nose is a little long I think it
came out really nicely.
My main restriction for this MOC was the wheel size, I 100% wanted to use this scale wheels to
drive the overall size of the piece. The tires are low profile, so not true to
F1, but the scale is right. I tried the ‘normal’ tire variant but that would
have bumped up the scale considerably enough that standard angle wedges
wouldn’t have worked on the main body.
Shout out to Peteris Sprogis for whom I stole some build ideas from his smaller scale F1 set
alternate MOC, the upside down bottom plates and body shoulders specifically.
The body and wings are designed to emulate the 2018 possible car designs. Seeing as the 2018
designs weren’t yet unveiled when this MOC was made, I styled the design
largely from the 2017 cars (swept rear wing etc) but I included upcoming specs
we already know about for the 2018 season (no shark fins, lower profile front
wings etc).
My team is usually Red Bull Racing, but their car is pretty much all black and makes for a
lackluster MOC, so instead I went with the classic Ferrari paint job.
This was a really fun build, one of the only ones where I worked start to finish non-stop. I’ll
definitely be keeping my eyes on the 2018 car releases for an update.
Parts are on the way and I’ll post some IRL pics soon.
References/Inspiration: Peteris Sprogis 21024 Alt. Formula 1 (find it on MOCpages), 2017 and 2018 FIA
Formula 1 cars.

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Name Formula 1 car (2017/2018 variant)
Designer yaypaul
Designed 2018
Inventory 270
Theme Racers > Ferrari
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