Mod of Halo Warthog 4x4 by Nico71




I wanted to build a 4WD vehicle with lockable differentials and independent suspension, and used a MOC by Nico71 as a base. I decided to create a virtual model beforehand, and modify some aspects of it, and then generate the parts list and order them.

I didn't want the car to have a gun, and got rid of it, and converted a car into a some sort of pickup truck. I've changed some other bits too, for example I removed the hooks at the front, because they cost A LOT.

The creation uses BuWizz as a power source and for controls.

WARNING 1: BuWizz is represented by a rechargeable battery in the instructions.
WARNING 2: I mostly used to create the model, and it does not support flexible parts (at least for now), so the parts are just lying near the car, see the original instruction where to put them exactly.
WARNING 3: I have not actually build it IRL yet, so I do not guarantee  that it is buildable at all, or that the steps are in the correct order, but I tried hard to arrange them correctly. I will remove this part of the disclaimer, when I build it succesfully :)
WARNING 4: Mudguards, roof, and pillars are installed at a slight angle, and it is very difficult to install them correctly in an editor. So, it is probably easier to use the original instruction to see where and how to put them.

2018-02-02 update: slight redesign and fixes: new hood, indicator lights, fewer flexible parts. Old parts list and instruction are available at

2018-18-02 update: started building the model, turned out, that you have to change the position of two bevel gears in the rear drivetrain, otherwise front wheels try to move forward and back wheels try to move backward. The instruction has been corrected.

2018-24-02 update: finished building the model, fixed a couple of things in the instructions, added rear view mirrors. Parts list is updated, but you mostly need the regular pins compared to the previous version, except for the mirrors, added the IRL photo.
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Name Mod of Halo Warthog 4x4 by Nico71
Designer ruspartisan
Designed 2018
Inventory 1596
Theme Technic > Model > Off-Road
Modification of MOC-9017 Lego Halo Warthog
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