Engineer Train




The idea of this MOC is a self-powered engineering crane locomotive, which is able to work alone or pulling other wagons, the outlook design is come from the combination of 7898 and 7939, the original design was just to extend the structure of 7898 crane wagon to install battery box and IR receiver, however, I prefer yellow color to represent engineering instead of green, so that I combined the locomotive of 7939 to 7898 crane wagon to make this MOC.
Beside of the crane locomotive, I added 7898 short wagon attached with 3677 engineering car, as well as 60098 style long wagon with engineering car, I have fine tuned some some parts of these two wagon and vehicles instead of fully MOC them, since they are not the major parts of this MOC, just added to impress the crane locomotive is able to pull extra wagons.
Easy and Simple is  my MOC concept of design, wish to impress others to do MOC, even you can do it in a very  easy and simple way. 

Highlights :
1. 7939 + 7898 based Engineering Crane locomotive, come with PF motor, IR receiver and battery box
2. 7939 short wagon with 3677 engineering vehicle
3. 60098 long wagon with engineering  vehicle
4. Easy and Simple design that everyone can build it
5. Minor fine tuning instead of fully MOC
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Name Engineer Train
Designer Leo Yeung
Designed 2018
Inventory 574 parts
Theme System > Vehicle > Train
Modification of 7939-1 Cargo Train
Old Trafford
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