PF Switch Limiter




Here's a simple add-on to the Power Functions switch. This MOC allows the switch to flip in one direction, but blocks it in the other direction.  GBC modules in particular sometimes need this to keep someone from destroying the module by running it in reverse and jamming it.  I've seen several implementations of this type of mechanism, on both battery boxes and switches, but this one is unique as far as I know.

There are three options for which blocker beams can be used: part 32140 , part 60484 , or part 32526 (not shown in the pictures).  All are identical in functionality, though some take up more space than others.  All three options are available in both digital files.  To invert the blocking direction, you can simply take the blocker beam off and install it on the other side.

In the LXF file, the PF switch does not exist and has been replaced by the green assembly.

Let me know in the comments if you find a use for this MOC.
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Name PF Switch Limiter
Designer BrickMan7
Designed 2017
Inventory 10
Theme Technic
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