SA-43 Hammerhead from Space Above & Beyond




I guess this is my first true 100% MOC as an AFOL, from back in 2016. Or at least, it's the first one I have an LDD file of! :D

This minifig-sized MOC is based on the SA-43 Hammerhead space/air fighter from the awesome 1995-96 SciFi series Space: Above & Beyond.

I really enjoyed this show, even though it was cheesy as all get out... This Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Attack Jet ("Hammerhead") is the main-stay of the Marine Corps, the group of Earth-based fighters this series was based around. It's actually a very good show. :)

I guess nowadays this counts as obscure, but I loved the show and still roll out the (4:3) DVDs to do a marathon from time to time. :)

No instructions other than an LDD file on my Bricksafe folder. I built it from that.

A 360 render (BlueRender) is available here (and in the "More Details" URL). Unfortunately, I don't think I can link directly to it... Let me know if this link works!

Are there any other S:AAB fans out there? Bueller?
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Name SA-43 Hammerhead from Space Above & Beyond
Designer manglegrat
Designed 2016
Inventory 517 parts
Theme Other
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