Rob3n is a gentle Lego Mindstorms robot that curiously follows any moving object. While he is eager to catch up, he safely keeps a distance, since one never knows. In his actions he is entirely autonomous and follows as long as his batteries last. He only has one secret obsession: any fluffy thing that gets in his path is carefully grabbed and brought out of harm's way.
The robot is a combination of the "RC Tracked Racer" (set 42065) and the "Gripp3r" (set 31313). The key advantage of Rob3n is the moving Ultrasonic Sensor that can readily detect objects, identify and follow them. The linking of the height of the eyes with the open/closed position of the gripping tool results in further benefit. This property provides maximum detection capability for objects with the open tool, while searching objects to collect. Once the tool is closed, the eyes are raised and the view is not blocked, allowing for continued orientation. Furthermore, it has a Colour Sensor that provides information on the presence and properties of the objects in the gripping tool resulting in optimized synchronisation of identification and grabbing. Finally it has a Gyro Sensor assisting in orientation. This provides the model maximum versatility for a number of functions and tasks.
So far a following function is programmed. Rob3n waits for a moving object and follows it at safe distance once detected. Any object entering the tool is grabbed and brought to a wall nearby. After dropping it, he returns into waiting position. It is possible to guide him to a number of objects and have him collect them. There is still room for optimizing the software: he has a tendency to get distracted by reflecting objects from his path.

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Name Rob3n
Designer kueden
Designed 2017
Inventory 419 parts
Theme Mindstorms > EV3
Old Trafford
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