LEGO 9473 The Mines of Moria Diorama





I would like share my MOD/MOC design of The Mines of Moria. Just like many people, I was not fully satisfied with the set 9473 and I tried to complete the room as much and simple as possible. I tried to use the actual set as much as possible and combined it with ideas and what I have seen from the movie.

I built it on 48x38 plate. I would have gone with 48x32 baseplate but IKEA Detolf cabinets allow up to 48x38 studs and I wanted to use as much space as possible. The design consists of roughly 2330 pieces. I have used 1x9473 door and 2x9473 walls with few modifications and of course with extra pieces. Pieces I have chosen are simple and mostly consists tiles for the floor and bricks for walls. You can easily decorate it using minifigures and accessories from 9473 set. I did not know how to add them either on LDD or

I have made some calculations as well. In my calculations I have excluded minifigures, their accessories, and other accessories that were included in the set which I did not include in my design and you will probably use them anyway. Excluding those pieces there are 685 pieces on the original set and 602 parts are used in my design which is equal to almost %88. There are only 83 pieces left from the original set and 1772 pieces from the design.

If you own two sets of 9473, then you need less pieces. Considering you are left with 1772 pieces since you already used one set, you will use 420 pieces more from you second 9473 set, which is %61 percent, and you will only need 1352 pieces to complete the design. These 1352 pieces are fairly simple. 783 of these pieces are simple tiles like 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2. 136 of those pieces are bricks like 1x3, 1x6, and 1x8. That is why I can say that as long as you own one or two set of 9473, completing the design will not be much expensive.

When you purchase the design, you will receive .lxf file for Lego Digital Designer (LDD), .io file for and .xml file to upload part list to anywhere you want i.e Bricklink. You can generate a pdf instruction using LDD program which may be easier for you to build it. Also since you will be receiving design files, you can change it according to your desires if you want.

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Name LEGO 9473 The Mines of Moria Diorama
Designer ali1994
Designed 2018
Parts 2374
Theme The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings > The Lord of the Rings > The Fellowship of the Ring
Modification of 9473-1 The Mines of Moria
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