Scania Truck




INSTRUCTIONS AND PART LIST: are for 3axle version, go to the info site at bricksafe and use 2axle version if you wish, obviously will require less parts

weight (2axle ver): 1200 grams
size (2axle ver, studs): 19 width (excluding side mirrors), 29 height, 45 length
tire reference: 42009

2 versions: 2 axle and 3 axle
* 2 axle: 4WD with differential in middle
* 3 axle: front and middle axles are connected with differential in middle, third axle is not connected to engine
* cabins, front and rear axles are same, only difference is the third axle

both trucks support:
- HOG steering
- full suspension on all axles including the third axle (live axle suspension)
- opening doors
- tilting cabin, can be locked to prevent mis-opening
- fifth wheel (lock from 42078)
- fake V8 engine
- lockable front grill
- ground clearance is not much, 1 stud at most

3 axle version supports "raisable third axle", it raises 1 stud only

has not built 3 axle version but I partially assembled and saw it works.

- front suspension is a joke, it only causes truck to tilt left or right due to heavy cabin
- there are a few illegal connections (windshield connector and interior 3x11 black panel) but other than that runs very well
- when cabin is tilted, the truck seems like about to roll over due to weight of cabin but there is a stopper built and it prevents that to happen

LXF and they are same truck, fixes the illegal connections and has nice render, other than
that it is same with LXF.
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Name Scania Truck
Designer scynox
Designed 2018
Inventory 1599 parts
Theme Technic
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