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Hello, I would like to share my MOC design of Lego Store Modular Building. Just like many people, I am waiting for LEGO to release their modular store set but I couldn’t wait enough and designed my own. I tried to design it as simple as possible, using common pieces so that people can design it, modify it or purchases pieces for reasonable prices. On the other hand, I gave attention to modular buildings guidelines so that the building would fit nice with others.

I got my initial inspiration from 40145 Lego Store set. It includes 3464 pieces and three levels that can be separated easily. It has a height of 30 studs, meaning that it is very similar to other latest modular buildings like Parisian Restaurant, Detective’s Office, Brick Bank etc. In my design, I tried to focus on different aspects of Lego Store in each different level. In the entrance floor, I included Pick A Brick wall,  Build Your Own Minifigure stand, few sets on shelves, cash register and few small sets to display on window. I used the second floor more as a showroom where customers can check out their favorite sets assembled. I have included several mini builds* of original sets such as Disney Castle, Ninjago City, Ewok Village, Ghostbusters HQ etc. Also, I built bigger shelves compare to first floor to store bigger sets. Finally, I decided to use third floor only for employees and storage. Employees can eat, drink and rest at the third floor. They can also go to the roof to have fresh air using the stairs at the corner.

When you purchase the design, you will receive .pdf files for the design. Each .pdf file will be for different floors and they will give you step by step guide just like original LEGO instructions. You can see examples of pages in pictures. You will also receive .xml file in order to upload part list to anywhere you want i.e Bricklink.

Flickr: Flickr
Eurobricks: Eurobricks

*I have used several mini builds designed by Adeel Zubair. I would like to thank him for allowing me to use his mini build designs. Please check out his Flickr page as well!

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Name LEGO Custom Modular Buildings Lego Store
Designer ali1994
Designed 2018
Parts 3464
Theme Modular Buildings
Modification of 40145-1 LEGO Brand Store Opening Set
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