The Asylum




Welcome to the Asylum! Once a rundown, empty café on the corner of the main street, the building has been slimmed down and repurposed as a safe space for all of your town's more, shall we say, interesting characters. Meet doctor Tim E. Discants, the mysterious man running this place, and let him cure whatever ails you. Instructions available as both an LDD model and in PDF.

One day, haunted by a tragic loss she experienced in the Pit, a young women by the name of Annise visits the Asylum. She seeks a safe space and doctor Discants is only happy to oblige. As he opens up the counter and leads Annise to the second floor, she catches a glimpse of another patient in the facility's White room.

The doctor gestures for Annise to sit on the clinical, white table and promises to rid her of all the painful memories. As instructed, Annise grabs a rod with each hand, feeling them dig into her palms, sapping her strength, making her lie down. As she does, she feels something swell inside her and she can just barely make out a yellow and a red liquid running from her palms and through the rods she's been holding.

Doctor Discants leaves for a bit to let things run their course, then returns to see the outcome of the procedure and taste the fruits of his labor.

Reveling in his success, the doctor takes Annise to the third floor and straps her onto an inclined table. For her safety.

Annise, still weak from the extraction, makes out the outlines of a large lamp and a pointy contraption she's never seen before. She also sees something strange in the nearby closet, though she can't quite turn her head to make out any details.

The doctor fiddles with the control panel, adjusting the extractor to press tightly against Annise's chest. As her consciousness slips away, she can't help but think it wasn't a good idea to come here.

Annise wakes up in the White room with the patient she's seen when she came in, as doctor Discants carefully examines them through the glass windows. He mumbles something and leaves, leaving the two patients alone. Annise wastes no time - she's not keen to learn what other machines the good doctor has - and she desperately searches for an exit. 

Almost ready to give up, she notices a little crack in the small window on the wall. Asking the other patient to boost her up, Annise climbs into the window space and kicks the frame with as much force as she can muster. To her disbelief, that seemed to be enough to dislodge the frame and slide it out onto the pavement. She quickly climbs out and helps the other patient, who has been silent all this time, escape as well. 

What adventures await Annise and White-shirt? Stay tuned!

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Name The Asylum
Designer Huaojozu
Designed 2018
Inventory 1775 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 10182-1 Cafe Corner
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