The Crimson Sparrow




The Crimson Sparrow

  A mighty pirate vessel ready to sail the high seas in search of treasure and adventure! The ship comes equipped with:

  - Crimson sparrow figurehead
  - A large ram mounted on the bow of the ship
  - 2 front-facing chase cannons
  - 2 mortars on the bow
  - Room for 12 cannons per side (24 total)
  - 2 swivel guns (mini-cannons) on the stern of the ship

  The captain's cabin on the rear of the ship includes a skylight, large table, writing desk and chair, armor mannequin, model ship and treasure chest. The hold of the ship has crates of cannonballs, rum storage, and room for 12 cannons, the upper deck can hold another 12; and what pirate ship is complete without a brig? (jail cell).

The ship has a total of 7 sails (not included on parts list):

  1 triangular sail 17 x 20 on the front
  3 rectangular sails 28 x 18 mounted on the foremast
  3 rectangular sails 28 x 18 mounted on the main mast (1 on back)

I would recommend using sails from The Queen Anne's Revenge set 4195-1:
1x Triangular 17 x 20
6x Rectangular 28 x 18

The deck of the ship and the top of the captain's cabin are removable to reveal the interiors.

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Name The Crimson Sparrow
Designer SkywardBrick
Designed 2018
Inventory 2018 parts
Theme Pirates
Fiat 500 Exclusive
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