42078 MACK Anthem SBrick




This is my MOC of 42078 Mack Anthem.

I upgraded the truck with motors and remote control while keeping the original shape and design:
- 2x M-motors for driving
- 1x Servo-motor for steering
- 1x SBrick for remote control (not included in part list)
- 1x 9V AAA battery box

I created a digital 3D MPD-model using LDCad based on Philo's OMR. I created full-blown step-by-step building instructions using LPub3D. These inventory and building instructions are only for the truck, not for the trailer.

I combined my MOC of the Sbrick-truck with the Custom MACK Flatbed trailer with tarpaulin. I very like this kind of combination of traditional LEGO technics together with individually designed material like this tarpaulin. The material feels like a real truck tarpaulin, is coloured and  punched individually for this MOC. You may order building instructions and your individual tarpaulin for the trailer directly at CustomBricks.

To build this MOC, you need these 30 additional parts, if you own 42078-1 (includes using some parts from the original trailer).
If you like to keep the original trailer, you need these 52 additional parts.

SBrick is not included in part list!
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Name 42078 MACK Anthem SBrick
Designer jb70
Designed 2018
Inventory 1560
Theme Technic
Modification of 42078-1 Mack Anthem
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This MOC also has a 3D digital file available (eg LDD, MPD, etc): 3D Model

Submitted by Mees1989 PRO Dec. 29, 2019
Submitted by riverprawn Oct. 25, 2019
The sbrick could be put above the L motors.
Submitted by riverprawn Oct. 25, 2019
This MOC could be upgraded with 2 Large Motors
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Aug. 3, 2019
Updated with VoidSerpent's tri-drive MOD
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO June 17, 2019
Original bodywork with no signs that the Mack is now RC
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO June 17, 2019
Not having the original set I'm missing the Mack Bulldog and the stickers.
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO June 17, 2019
Not sure why the passenger door has a hole in it?
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO June 17, 2019
Some minor color differences as I do not own the original Lego set
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO June 17, 2019
Submitted by BertZelf July 22, 2018