76031 + 70123 - ironman mech




76031 hulkbuster + 70123 chima lion - ironman mech 

This is actually a revision of a mech i build last year using hulkbuster and some loose mixel parts (before i learned ldd and rebrickable), but this time i tried to limit the part usage to hulkbuster and chima lion.

The idea here is to move away from the bulky looking hulkbuster and turn it into a more agile, posable gundam-like mech.

-Pilot's head(ironman minifig) also acts as the mech's head.  This allows it to look left-right giving it more dynamic poses.  I was never a fan of the dome helmet anyways.

-Palms are now seperate from the arms.  You can now do the iconic repulsor stance.

-Joints were also added in the ankles, so you can now stand on uneven surfaces.

-Hidden missile-pods at the shoulder

-Hip-mounted cannons.  Or rotate it and point it downwards and pretend its a booster.

*most parts of the original hulkbuster where only slightly modified, so if you have it currently build, just try to examine the changes so you dont have to reassemble it from scratch.

*you only need the 76031 hulkbuster + 70123 chima lion.  no need to add other parts.  its technically an alternate, but i entered it as "modification" because having combiner-alternates dont appear in "alternate tab" of the official set.
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Name 76031 + 70123 - ironman mech
Designer Abokado
Designed 2018
Inventory 257 parts
Theme Creator > Mecha
Modification of 76031-1 The Hulk Buster Smash
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