31052 - alt - car carrier truck




31052 vacation getaways - alternate - car carrier truck (bus???)

My neice originally designed this, with me just helping out with moving/articulated parts and also trying to keep the color scheme intact.  (You know what i mean, colors doesnt seem to bother them. :D)  It may not look visually appealing but it does its function as a car-carrier, so i decided to make an ldd file for it and share it anyways.

She wanted to make a car- carrier trailer truck, but i ask her not to mix the parts with other sets, so because of the limited sets of wheels, the trailer concept was removed.

As you can see, the front is technically the same as the official's RV build. 

It has folding ramps at the back and the back part of top deck folds down to act as ramp. 

This can carry 3-4 cars, perfect for city, town and friends themed cars.  Bottom level can fit up to 6 stud wide, while top deck can fit up to 8 studs wide cars.  Please take note some cars may have protruding/bulging wheels and side mirrors, so you must take those into account.

This may look empty and hollow, but this will look way cooler once you add your cars inside.

*cars in pic below not included. Only  the car carrier is inluded in the moc.

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Name 31052 - alt - car carrier truck
Designer Abokado
Designed 2018
Inventory 279 parts
Theme Town > City > Traffic
Alternate Build of 31052-1 Vacation Getaways
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