Man-Bat's Rocket Blast




Dr. Langstrom is finding it harder and harder to think. Unsuccessful at finding a cure, he tries to enlist the help of other scientists but no one would listen. Finally he synthesizes a large batch of his bat formula and builds a rocket. Man-Bat intends to detonate the rocket above the city turning Gotham citizens into bat hybrids.

On a visit to see how Dr. Langstrom is doing, Batman stumbles upon the rocket. Man-Bat subdues him before he could react. The hero awakes to find himself tied up next to the rocket.

"You don't want to do this," pleads Batman as he works to free himself.

Man-Bat types at the controls finishing the last preparations. "No one cares what happens to me. That will changes when hundreds or thousands of others suffer the affects of my serum. Not to worry Batman, the blast from the rocket will relieve you from watching the aftermath."

Will Nightwing arrive in time to save Batman and stop Man-Bat? Will Batman free himself? What can be done to stop the launch of the rocket?
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Name Man-Bat's Rocket Blast
Designer dulsi
Designed 2014
Inventory 122 parts
Theme Super Heroes > Batman
Alternate Build of 76011-1 Batman: Man-Bat Attack
Old Trafford
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