Fire Truck




Here is a small fire truck I built in collaboration with Xperiment and LegoOri.

 Xperiment, LegoOri and I have all noticed the lack of smaller creator sets in this year's lineup, so this MOC, along with LegoOri's Garbage truck, are designed to be replacements for the small sets that Creator lacks in 2018. I know it has 100 some parts, but the scale of it is still pretty small. Also, I was going for a lot of detail here, so that played into it a lot too.

Xperiment, LegoOri, and I will all be making alternates for both this fire truck and the garbage truck. Anyone else who wants to is welcome to join in and make alternates for these MOCs as well. The idea is that anyone can order the parts for either this fire truck or the garbage truck and end up with the original MOC itself plus whatever alternates have been built for it.

I would recommend using Lego Shop to order the parts, because you can get every single part needed to build this directly from Lego shop for $13.69 plus $2.95 shipping and handling. As far as I know, this is much cheaper than combining bricklink stores.

*Full credit for the create-your-own-Lego-set  idea goes to Xperiment, as he was the one who came up with it. 

I hope that everyone will enjoy seeing this MOC and it's alternates soon to come!

If you enjoy seeing my work and download a lot of my building instructions, I would appreciate donations of any amount to Any proceeds generated from this MOC will be used to help pay for me to order the parts for this and LegoOri's Garbage Truck so I can build better alternates in real life. Thanks!

I have included "spare parts" in this MOC just for fun, so if you order the parts for this please don't forget to order those too as they will be used in the alternates made from it.
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Name Fire Truck
Designer Turbo8702
Designed 2018
Inventory 118 parts
Theme Creator > Basic Model
Old Trafford
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