8261 C Model




I started of with the plan to build an Icelantic hill climb vehicle. An offroad trike was the outcome.

The manual is not entirely correct. As you can see the exhaust is hanging in mid air. But it should give more then enough guidance to build the model.
The model features:
- Steering
- ‘independent’ rear suspension. (inspired by 8066 A model)
- Engine like details

It’s far from perfect, but a fun start en plenty of parts left to give it your own touch. I think you can also change this into a fun hard-tail chopper with fat wheels. Keep the frame and front, ditch the suspension, mud guards, spare wheel etc.

Ldd was used to create the 3d model
Blueprint and Word where used to create instructions.
Bleurender was used for the renders.

10/6/2018 building instructions where pointing to lxf, now to proper PDF.
5/3/2019 type of instructions changed to pdf, to match the actual document. It's not directly from LDD, but by using Blueprint.
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Name 8261 C Model
Designer whuismans
Designed 2018
Inventory 151 parts
Theme Technic
Alternate Build of 8261-1 Rally Truck
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