Shujin-Koma, a Prisoner/Gold Transport Tachikoma




Shujin(japanese: prisoner)-Koma

The Shujin-Koma is a very versatile transport tachikoma equipped with a large lockable and barred HoldzIt(tm)-containment entity for flexible use, like gold chests or the occasional prisoner, although that will be a tight fit.
It has 2 gripping manipulators, using the latest "Pyroclaw"-technology for self-defense.
The new CrystalEye(tm) optical unit used in this tachikoma is combined with the Eyelash(tm) biological ocular protection device.
The 4 motivators (legs) are fully articulated and come with the well known Cart Wheel(tm) speed enhanced circular movement units, in case walking is too slow.

This is an entry for the Alternative Build Contest in April 2014, based on 70401-1, Gold Getaway
Note to the lxf: Since I used some "unorthodox" connection methods, the "eye" piece and the front legs are not connected to the main model. Also, I couldn't get LDD to use Minifig hands as separate entities, so I just left them out.
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Name Shujin-Koma, a Prisoner/Gold Transport Tachikoma
Designer Ziepher
Designed 2014
Inventory 148 parts
Theme Castle
Alternate Build of 70401-1 Gold Getaway
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