750179 Alternative : Kylo Ren Command Shuttle (V6 Final)




75179 Alternative Build - Kylo ren Command Shuttle

(No extra parts but spare parts required, stickers & minifigs not modeled)

Inspired by the alternative design by Brickbros UK who created a complete functioning command shuttle from the Kylo Ren Tie Silencer (75179). Amazing Job. 
Take a look at his youtube channel

As much as I love his design, I wanted to make it my own. I modified the set for two main purpose :

- Improve the look of the rear,
- Improve the wings opening, to make it sturdier. (Wings was falling too easily)

then I've been through a lot of iterations, mainly for color and shape as well as adding a hidden cache under the rear part.

This model is sturdy, and ideal for play or exposition (a custom stand could be helpful) : 

- Unfolding wings with a fixed angle. 
- Openning roof
- Small access ramp under the ship
- Missile launcher into the wings
- Removable rear that reveal a hidden cache (store missile or weapons)
- You can change the angle of the ship by moving forward or backward the landing gear

Note that You can change the wings angle by modifying slightly the model. Swap the black 3023 (1x2 plate) behing the hinge plates with a  32028 (1x2 plate with Door Rail), and remove the Light Gray 2x2 flat Tile.

This is my second moc, I hope you like it. Leave a comment if you built it ;) 


Full steps pdf instructions and 3D file (ldr). A second version with fade steps is available on my bricksafe repository.) 


Changelogs :

- Add pdf instructions
- Add pdf instructions with fade steps
- Correct some minor bugs on the instructions (part count)
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Name 750179 Alternative : Kylo Ren Command Shuttle (V6 Final)
Designer Razgamaziel
Designed 2018
Inventory 569 parts
Theme Star Wars > Star Wars Episode 7
Alternate Build of 75179-1 Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter
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