Supercar based on BMW® M3 Coupé




This is a Supercar based on a BMW® M3 Coupé.
It's an RWD car
It has :
- openable hood
- openable trunk
- openable doors
- tow hitch
- working steering wheel
- four independant suspension
- inverted Ackerman geometry for the steering
It's powered by a BUWIZZ® Brick.
The BUWIZZ® brick provide energy to the motors :
- 2 L motors for drive
- 1 servomotor for steering
- 1 led for front lights.

According to my test and to my calculs, this car can go at roughly 2[km/h] which equals to roughly 0.55 [m/s].

Note : I use a different wheel setup for going outside, so the parts for that are under "Spare Parts".
If you don't have a BUWIZZ® Brick, no problem because the power unit is accessible and is not used to provide stability to the model. Therefore you can easily use another power unit.
This model use some advanced building techniques, and some parts can be exchanged with other one. I recommend you to look at the free instructions before building the car.
Most of the black parts are used in the bodywork, so they are visible. if you want to change the color of the car you can search for the black pieces in others colors.
Note 2 : The instructions are in a google drive but you have to download it because google drive can't render it.
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Name Supercar based on BMW® M3 Coupé
Designer Toucanx
Designed 2018
Inventory 2252 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Traffic
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