The Music Club Inverted Corner (10255 Assembly Square Alternate Model Modular)




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Do you want to make your town really stand out with a special feature? Are you disappointed that the Assembly Square turned out to be a 48w modular instead of an inverted corner? Then look no further! The Music Club alternate model is a 48x32 inverted corner modular that can help set up your street in a unique way.

The first floor houses the stage and some room for the fans to dance, as well as a jukebox for when there's no live performance and a couple of tables to rest your drink on. Speaking of drinks, you can find the bar on the second floor, where a different kind of performance is taking place. Adjust the large light setup from above or simply take in the electricity of live concert from a nice vantage point.

Finally, an extremely detailed interior will greet you on the third floor, with a fully furnished bathroom, living room, kitchen and a bedroom. There's also a swing by the front door for the kids!

The Music Club Inverted Corner modular is sure to bring both a new activity to your town and a new residential space for some of your citizens.

Instructions are available in 2 forms - those who prefer an LDD file will find one properly grouped and ready to dissect. And those who like their instructions in PDF form can use the PDF files to follow along like a proper official set. You can see a couple examples below.

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Name The Music Club Inverted Corner (10255 Assembly Square Alternate Model Modular)
Designer Huaojozu
Designed 2018
Inventory 3336 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 10255-1 Assembly Square
Old Trafford
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