Imperial Destroyer (Micro)




Finally the STAR DESTROYER in MICRO scale!!! I'm very proud about this built and I found it beautiful! It's in scale with my previous works like the Republic Venator Class Star Destroyer!

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Name Imperial Destroyer (Micro)
Designer DarthDesigner
Designed 2014
Inventory 1444 parts
Theme Star Wars
Old Trafford


  • 1 year ago ryanlb Level 9
    I finished assembling this last night, except for a few finishing pieces that haven't arrived yet, and have a few thoughts on it.

    Firstly, it looks really great, and the size is nice. As far as looks, I'm a big fan of the design. It will look nice on display, once I can figure out how I'm going to do that, more on this later.

    As for acquiring the pieces, some of them are kinda rare, like the 6x6 tiles, those are a bit more spendy than I would of liked, but the biggest problem here is that the design uses pieces that don't exist in the required colors. Some are easy enough to substitute: ie, instead of a trans-clear light blue 2x2 and 2x3 plates, use 1x2 plates; the trans-clear light blue 1x2 with clips isn't really visible at all, so I used black; the 1x1x1 corner tile in trans light blue I replaced with a simple 1x1 trans light blue brick. no biggy. The bridge section, though, uses pieces that don't have easy replacements, so I left them off entirely and redesigned the top section to my own tastes. For example, instead of using part 33176 for the shield generators which isn't available in LBG, I used 32474 on top of a 1x1 round plate, and I think they look good. I'll post a picture of the bridge sections soon.

    I mostly enjoyed building it: building from the LDD generated video instructions isn't always great, as certain pieces can be difficult to distinguish from each other the way they're displayed, but as I went a long I go used to how things are rendered and was able to puzzle it out without too much difficulty. There are several times where the video instructs you to place pieces before there's anything for them to connect to, like the turbo lasers, it shows you where the barrel pieces will go, and then you go and assemble the top plate section that they later connect to.
    • 1 year ago ryanlb Level 9
      Attaching the top sections to the rest of the structure was kind of tricky, you definitely have to be careful and finagle things into place. Once attached, everything feels pretty sold, though I wish there was something attaching the font pieces together, rather than leaving them resting against each other. They will be fine, but I'd prefer if they stayed in place relative to each other better. In a similar way, there are bits that feel like they need more pieces for stability while assembling the sections, particularly on the top sections, and I added 4 or 5 plates to help hold things together while building the top sections, but they all had to be removed when fitting the top sections in place with the rest of the ship.

      My biggest problem with the ship now, is how am I going to display it? It needs a stand of some kind, but the designer didn't include one, and I rather lack the experience to design one myself. I found a smaller Star Destroyer design on ebay that includes a stand integrated with the inner frame of the ship, and I like that idea better, but I don't think this design could be adapted to use such a design. i'm thinking I'll try to build something that can cradle the bottom in two places, and hope that the design is solid enough for it to rest on it.

      All in all, I'm pleased with it, glad I attempted it, the only true disappointing thing being that once you're done with the video instructions it's still not read for display due to the lack of a stand. I'll add some pictures of the finished ship once I find a good way to take pictures of it (ie, once I build a stand or find something temporary I can use).
      • 1 year ago DarthDesigner Level 16 Designed this MOC
        It's always so interesting to have feedback about who made my creations with real bricks! 
        The stand is not present because without the real thing it's difficult to understand how the weight is distributed and where you have to place the stand.
        The main thing I have in mind you can use are the roof pieces (2x4) to make a "V" shape. One on the rear and one on the front. 
        If you want to, email me and I can send you a design to use as a guide, but for the final thing, you have to work on it because without the real model I can't guarantee it works :)

        Something like this: 
        • 1 year ago ryanlb Level 9
          I like the idea there, and I'd guess that would work pretty well, based on how I remember the completed model feeling. Maybe the narrow end should be moved back a bit, as the nose of the ship is pretty light. I'll give it a try and let you know how it turns out.

          I wonder if all of those pieces would be available in trans-clear? XD
          • 1 year ago DarthDesigner Level 16 Designed this MOC
            I'm mostly sure the answer is nope ahah
            BUT you can replace the roof parts of the base with the "6245195 windscreen 2X6X2"
            And maybe (I'm not sure it works as well because of the different 45° angle) the roof 2x4 with the roof 2x2 that is present in trans-clear
            But you can easily find them all in black or white...not the best solution but pretty close I think :)
  • 1 year, 6 months ago fish75 Level 12
    How long is it?
    • 1 year ago ryanlb Level 9
      Having built the bottom plates tonight, it is 14.75" (37.5 cm) long.
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