Mobile Crane




For years I've been receiving requests for instructions for my largest and most complex model, the Demag AC-50 All Terrain Crane. The original model used some modified and custom parts, so bringing these instructions to life with parts that everyone has access to has been a huge task.

Finally, through the combined efforts of Chase Horman, Richard Brown, Eric "Blakbird" Albrecht and myself, the crane has been updated to use modern lego parts and the Power Functions I/R receivers for control. Features are as follows;

  • 7-9V motors

  • 4-PF IR Receivers

  • 1 set of PF LED lights

  • 3-9V battery boxes

  • 2-rear axles motorized with a pair of 9V motors

  • Middle axle independently suspended with rubber bands

  • Front axle pendular with motorized steering

  • 4-Motorized, self-synchronizing outriggers

  • Motorized boom luffing with Firgelli actuator

  • Motorized boom extension (2 stage)

  • Motorized cable drum

  • Motorized 360 degree slew

The only unofficial parts are the lego compatilble Firgelli Linear Actuator and NXT to Power Functions cable that can be bought here and here.

I hope you enjoy building this model as much as I did!

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Name Mobile Crane
Designer endorka
Designed 2002
Parts 2983
Theme Bulk Bricks > Technic
Vestas Wind Turbine launching on the 23rd of November
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