McLaren P1 hypercar 1:8 - manual version only -




Length: 73studs (58cm); width: 30 studs (24cm); height: 18 studs (14,5 cm)
Openable doors, bonnet, removable engine cover
Parts count: 3.300 pcs.; Technic panels count: 136 pcs.
Wheels are from set #42056 and painted in silver color

manual chassis:
–                   RWD
–                   front/rear independent suspension
–                   working fake mini V8
–                   steering+ HOG control + working steering wheel + airbrake
–                   adjustable suspension ride
–                   retractable rear spoiler
–                   airbrake activator
–                   butterflydoors operated by handles
–                   7 separate detachable chassis modules
–                   luggage compartment with case

Rear lights alternative: #75c26 red rigid hose

#6797 exhaust alternatives here

Beware of the fake knock-off version!  Check out my review here! 

#6797 exhaust alternatives here

Rear lights alternative: 1x #75c26 red rigid hose (cut) 

4 x 6538b black changed qty to 3x, instructions not updated

7 x #3 connectors in orange can be saved without compromising things too much:

- 4 x wheel calipers can be replaced in red, LBG / DBG
- p. 197–1:  1 x can be replaced in LBG
- p. 206/207–2: 2 x can be replaced by #1 connectors

2 x 4459 high friction pins not mandatory
2 x 22961 in brown can be replaced with LBG
2 x 15462 in dark tan can be replaced with reddish brown 
2 x 4274 in blue on windshield wiper can be replaced with LBG

2 x 13L #78c13 ribbed hoses (10-10.5cm) - the right color should be flat silver.

Compare my inventory to #42056 if using the set. Then export 42,7% parts on the left to a wishlist.

Beware of the knock-off version![b] [/b]Check out my honest review on the fake set.

RC instructions available too!
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Name McLaren P1 hypercar 1:8 - manual version only -
Designer brunojj1
Designed 2018
Inventory 3302 parts
Theme Technic > Model
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This is a Premium MOC, and the instructions to build it are being sold by the designer (brunojj1) for €25.00

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