Ghostbusters Headquarter V2




[h3]Ghostbusters Headquarter V2

with interior-design , many details & extras -  Door Update (Ecto-1 fits)[/h3]

Lego has released the 21108 LEGO® Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Set. We thought – why not built the appropriate HQ?

We decided to built a hybrid between GB1 & GB2 and add more extras and details, lights and other stuff.

Ground Floor:

- Flight Suit Cabins with removable Uniforms

- fireman’s pole (playable)

- Peter’s & Janine’s shared Desk

- Alarm Bell

- lighting ( missing here Cyclinder Hemisphere 2 x 2 with Cutout)

- and many more details


- The Containment Unit is attached to the opening wall, so this is more like a basement.

The stairs could be to get down to the basement or to the first floor, anyone can play on his way…

1st Floor

- Kitchen and dining area with many details

- Arcade area

- Bedroom

- removable bathroom (not seen in this rendering – already built)

- removable stairs to the 2nd Floor (not seen in this rendering – already built)

- fireman’s pole hole (railing must be installed, not possible in the LDD)

2nd Floor

- Egon’s Lab with many great thinks

- Analysis apparatus and computer attached to the head of Louis “The Keymaster” Tully

- Rack to keep the Ghost-Traps or other equipment

- Alarm Bell (otherwise you can not hear the alarm from below ;))

- Pool Table

- Couch and TV Area

- fireman’s pole hole (railing must be installed, not possible in the LDD)

The Roof is removable

and many more details and moving elements distributed over all floors

The official Lego Ideas 21108 Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1 will fit through the doors and has a place in it. The Ecto-1 is to large so unfortunately I had to remove a desk. I joined together Janine and Peter’s desk to get more space.

Parts: +5700 Lego Parts

I do not want to sell the instructions, but in return, I would be glad for your help. If you like, please support the Project on Lego Ideas:

If you are looking for a smaller challenge:

[h3]Ghostbusters Headquarter V1

this is only the outer walls version, without interior-design and Ecto-1 Update.[/h3]

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Name Ghostbusters Headquarter V2
Designer Sergio512
Designed 2014
Inventory 5705 parts
Theme Creator
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