Color Modification of 21005 Fallingwater




This modification was inspired by and based on Eurobrick members Superkalle and Spencer_R's mods of 21005 Fallingwater. I also studied some images of the real-world building available on the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy's Fallingwater website. The scale of the model doesn't lend itself to too many fine details, however. Major changes include color of the stone work to capture somewhat the variegated nature of current actual appearance of the building's stones, lowered the bridge to be more realistic, and also added the red trim on the windows to suggest the dark-red framing of the building's windows. The most bothersome in the original model was that the landscape visually merged with the building. I changed the ground color to dark tan, and highlighted the water course through the use of red-brown. A few cheese slopes and other small details added here and there to make the whole more visually pleasing. FInally, changed the color of the "non-visible" (below-ground) parts to black, and added the black base. I retained the stackable / interlocking design of the original model.

In order to use currently available bricks, some changes to brick shapes were required. I attempted where possible reuse as many of the bricks available in 21005, especially in the support structure.
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Name Color Modification of 21005 Fallingwater
Designer jgw3000
Designed 2014
Inventory 953 parts
Theme Architecture
Modification of 21005-1 Fallingwater
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