42078 Forklift




This is a modified version of 42079 Heavy Duty Forklift, built as an alternate of 42078 Mack Anthem.

I had to modify quite a lot of things:
- Because I couldn't use a worm gear the mechanism to lift the fork includes more gears.
- Then with no worm gear the fork would lower itself by weight, so I included a seemingly useless gear inside the body which brings friction to the transmission.
- The engine is a four cylinder Mack style engine. And it's mounted lower than in the original forklift.
- Because of missing flexible axles I came up with a solution for a door.
- The rear mudguards are shorter because there weren't enough 1x4 half beams. So I made the whole wheelbase 1 stud shorter, which also helped to make the smaller wheels look less lost.
- There is a transmission with two 8 tooth gears inside the body of the original which could not be replicated with the parts, so I redesigned the internal structure completely.
- The fork is mounted differently because I was missing angled beams in the right length. So I used a construction with angled connectors instead.
- And some more changes.

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Name 42078 Forklift
Designer Nequmodiva
Designed 2018
Inventory 710 parts
Theme Technic > Model
Alternate Build of 42078-1 Mack Anthem
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