Rubiks-CUBE-BOOSTER (Boost-Creative Toolbox)




The CUBE-BOOSTER can move Rubik's cubes based on moves obtained from the internet.

Now Available on Amazon: Book with instructions and detailed programming guide for all my 6 Boost-Models:
English: Link to Amazon
German: Link to Amazon 

Alternatively, there is a packaged description of all 6 models here

This MOC is based on the LEGO Boost "Creative Toolbox (17101) and a few parts from the Arctic  Scout truck (60194). These extra parts should be available in any "Lego-Household" anyway (or you have similar parts you can use as a replacement), so I think the Arctic set is not really needed to build this. 

The "Lego-like" Building instruction has 27 pages with step by step instructions (see example among the pictures).

The program code is provided as screenshots for any Boost-App (e.g. Apple, Android, Fire or Microsoft) and is also easily adaptable to Scratch. Furthermore there are step by step instructions how to create a new program and how to enter the creative canvas.

See the bricksafe-link for a sample of the building and coding instructions.

Please note the following:
In the current version of the coding instructions, the Color sensor is only used to check the final result of the cube, not for solving it.
The sequence of moves to solve the cube is obtained from Cube-solving websites by entering the current state of the cube manually.

V1.0 (Sept 10, 2018) Initial version
V1.1 (Sept 14, 2018) Some color errors in building instructions corrected
V2.0 (Sept 17, 2018) Code for color sensor and optimized movements based on cube orientation added
-> see video for V2.0 here:
V2.1 (Oct, 14, 2018) Missing screenshot on last page added (optimized oriented cube tilting)
V2.1 (Oct 15, 2018) Added extra instructions to adapt code to newest App-Version 1.7.0
V3.0 (Dec 15, 2018) Simplified Coding instructions - optimised for App-Version 1.7.0
V3.1 (Jan 07, 2019) Improved Sensor-Mechanics - Better color scanning results

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Name Rubiks-CUBE-BOOSTER (Boost-Creative Toolbox)
Designer Bundy
Designed 2018
Inventory 258
Theme Educational and Dacta > Technic
Alternate Build of 17101-1 Creative Toolbox
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™


  • 2 weeks, 3 days ago fixxxer666 (27)
    I built this MOC over the weekend and followed the code I downloaded from this site. I cannot get the cube flip rod or the platform to rotate. The hold arm works fine but the cube platform and rod do not. Also in you instructions there is code for Red. Green and Blue but no Orange, white or yellow. Is there code needed for these?

  • 4 weeks ago Daewon (76)
    Hi there It's me again :)
    I've got the problem with follow the picture "Cube Booster"
    I try to E-mail you but there is no E-mail address in the 1st page of the book. 
    The page 122, there is the picture that how to program the "Initializing" part
    I try to follow the picture but the icon is little bit small.
    As you know some icons are similar but the function is different
    so, Can I get the picture the "Initializing" part?
  • 4 weeks ago Daewon (76)
    Hi there !
    I just buy your book from Amazon and I try to make a Cube booster
    Then I've a question
    I make the Booster program level 3 and I find the new icons but I can't find the yellow block with B in the "Subroutine for Platform-rotation"
    It must be the Color sensor but I can't find it please give me a hint 
    • 4 weeks ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
      Hi Daewon,
      thanks for your interest in the model. I guess you are looking for the orange brick wich gives the position of the motor B rotation. You can find this programming block within the orange menu (2nd from the left) as one of the blocks further to the right of the menu.
      If this didn't help, you can also write me an e-mail with a screenshot of your problem to the e-mail-address mentioned on the first pages of the book. I can then also answer with a screenshot of how to solve your problem. In some cases, some blocks do not appear in the app after an update has been performed. In this case, a re-install of the app has helped a few users.
      If I was able to help and if you like the book, I would be pleased, if you could post a comment on Amazon. Many Thanks & Happy play!
      • 4 weeks ago Daewon (76)
        Oh! Thank you for quick reply
        I tried to make the program with my Ipad, but there was not the icons that you mentioned
        So, I tried with my android phone, then I can find the icon what I tried to find.
        It is little diffrent between Ipad and the phone.
        I can make the program and play with my son. Thank you.
  • 2 months ago nicolaus (27)
    What size does the rubik cube have to have?
    Thank you!

    • 4 weeks ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
      HI Nicolaus,
      it is a normal 3x3x3 cube. The standard mesurement of the cube is 5,7cm (2 1/4") each side.
  • 4 months ago Vasari (39)
    Hi Bundy, 
    we just bought the instructions and my kid is building it. We have one question, as we are quite new to Boost. In your coding screenshots, we see a green icon with the B engine, which is not existing in our iPad coding app. It has the B and a red line on the middle and to arrows. Are we missing something? 
    • 4 months ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
      Hi Vasari, thanks for your interest in the model. Did you make sure to set your program to the Expert mode as described at the beginning od the Coding instructions? Only then are you able to see all programming blocks. On the creative canvas (outside of your programming, behind the window shade) you have to "edit" your program icon and tab the two lego plates and select the 3 stacked lego plates for live 3 = Expert level. Please see the instructions for a more detailed description with pictures...I hope this helps, Bjoern
      • 4 months ago Vasari (39)
        Hi Bundy,
        Thanks! We were too fast... now we can do it.
  • 10 months, 4 weeks ago kuba1410 (18)
    Hi, I've been trying to buy this MOC for at least a month, but have been unable to complete the PayPal transaction. On every attempt, PayPal tells me that (translation from Polish so message may not be accurate): "Sorry, unable to finalize your purchase at this time. Transaction rejected on account of requirement to comply with provisions of law."

    My son has been begging me for this MOC, is there any other way I can provide payment to you (direct to PayPal address or otherwise)? I hope this is not against Rebrickable's ToS. Or maybe there's a setting in PayPal you can change so the transaction can go through?

    Funny thing is I had no such issues with buying your Boost Write, Draw & Copy Bug.
    • 10 months, 4 weeks ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
      Hi Kuba1410, thanks for your interest in the MOC. I see that the transaction has worked in the meantime. I hope you will enjoy the model.
      • 10 months, 3 weeks ago kuba1410 (18)
        Thank you, it finally worked!
  • 11 months ago mcc0rkl3 (57)
    Just got the Arctic Set so I can build this MOC. I have seen people use the Mindstorms to solve Rubik's Cubes before but I did not think it was possible with the boost set. Thought this set was only capable of doing very basic things opened my eyes to new capabilities that I can possibly do with this set.
  • 11 months, 2 weeks ago Bolbuyk (11K) MOC Designer
    Especially my compliment for being able to build it from 2 sets, very useful for people who want to build one of their own.
  • 11 months, 3 weeks ago jb70 (8K) MOC Designer PRO
    Very cool!!! - This is a Must-have for anyone who owns a BOOST set and a Rubik's Cube!

    I needed to by a new speed cube, because my 38-year-old cube was too hard to move for the robot. But it's worth at all!
    • 11 months, 3 weeks ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
      H jb70,
      thanks for your comment. There is still some improvement possible. The advanced (orientation) program can certainly be shortened further. Especially when using the new global variables of the V1.7.0 APP.
      Furthermore, I developed a Python program to control the Cube-Bosster via Raspberry. Still the color sensor is the problem. You have to put some black stickers on the orange fields and (depending on your cube colours) it canteen solve the cube fully autonomously.
      Unfortunately, the python program is not in a state of being distributable. It is quite experimental.
      Have fun!
      • 11 months, 2 weeks ago jb70 (8K) MOC Designer PRO
        How to use the global variables in V1.7.0? I didn't find any hints about that. Do you know some release notes or documentation?
        • 11 months, 2 weeks ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
          I do not know of any release notes. In the new version of the app you can tab and hold on any icon for about 5 seconds to get a help-text.

          To enable all advanced functions in your own programs:
          1) in the overview of all your programs ("Creative Canvas"), tab on the "edit program" button.
          2) On the right hand side of the program logo, "2 stacked plates" are displayed
          3) click these plates and tab on the "3 plates" icon to enable the advanced functionality.
          I plan to update the program to these new functionalities and include some instructions on how to enable the advanced mode. However, I will have to first finish another project and then work on the Cube Booster again.
          The new instructions will then be avalable to everybody who has already downloaded the old or current version. I will send out an E-Mail to all of you guys like I did with the the other major upgrades.
  • 1 year, 1 month ago Bundy (1723) MOC Designer
    Hi, thanks to all of you for the likes and downloads of the model. I have added some more functionality to the coding instructions:
    1) Color sensor can scan the fnishend cube and verify correctnes of solution
    2) Cube orientation is considered between the moves to optimized solving time (approx. 20% faster)
    I hope you will enjoy it!
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