Campanile di San Marco - Venezia




Campanile di San Marco - Venezia. St Mark’s Campanile. This is my new Project in MINIFIG scale.

The Instructions are divided in 5 Blocks:

A: Loggetta del Sansovino (Entrance)
B: La Torre (The Tower)
C: Torretta delle Campane (Bells House). You will Find the Five Original Bells.
D: Stemma (St Mark’s Emblem)
E: Tetto (The Roof)

Total Pieces: 20.409 Bricks

Pieces just for "Campanile" without the entrance "Loggetta del Sansovino": 16.154 Bricks

Pieces just for "Loggetta del Sansovino": 4.255 Bricks

What you’ll get:

- High Quality PDF for each Block and One for the final Connections.

- A “.xml” file to upload on your BrickLink every necessary pieces to build it. Every Blocks have a own Total pieces sheet and a “.xml” file to upload on “BrickLink wanted List”.

You will find also a Total Pieces about the whole CONSTRUCTION and onother just for the Campanile without “Loggetta del Sansovino” (The Entrance) with the relative “.xml” file. So you could Build just the Campanile with out Loggetta!!!

- A “Read me file” where I explain to you how it works! Like "How to upload pieces on your BrickLink wanted list".

It's a big construction but don't worry you can build it slow in time with my instructions because the Instructions are divided in Blocks!!!

Some details:
Total Pieces: 20.409 Bricks

Pieces just for Tower: 16.154 Bricks

Pieces just for Loggetta: 4.255 Bricks

Dimension: (Minifig Scale)

• Width: 65 Studs (50cm)

• Lenght: 81 Studs (63cm)

• Height: 189 Studs (170/175cm)
4 Baseplate 32x32 arranged in a square 4 x 4 and 2 Baseplate 32x16

Instruction made with LPub, Project with Ldraw Bricksmith, render by LdView. Every Bricks is been tasted with Lego Digital Design to verify the correct connections between bricks.

You can buy INSTRUCTIONS, 3D FILE AND "ALL THE PIECES TO BUILD IT" at my store on BrickLink:

or at my web site:

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More photos at:

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Name Campanile di San Marco - Venezia
Designed 2014
Inventory 20401
Theme Modular Buildings
Gingerbread House
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