Saturn IB booster (Saturn V scale)




The Saturn IB was used in the 1960s and 1970s not only to test the hardware needed for the moon landings, but also to launch crews to Skylab. This 1:110 scale is the same as the official Lego Saturn V. The model is specifically designed to resemble the Apollo 7 mission, a mission in 1968 to test the Command/Service Module in Earth orbit.

The instructions are for the booster only - the S-IVB stage, SLA panels, CSM, and launch escape tower are borrowed from the official Saturn V. This build was a challenge on several levels. Perhaps the most difficult aspect was the adapter to the S-IVB stage, which is necessarily different from the Saturn V. The end result, after MUCH trial and error, is extremely strong and robust.  Another challenge was the internal helix-type structure of the octagonal support in the central tank portion.

As a fun optional feature, you could replace the rather boring engines - gray cone pieces - with beehive pieces (#35574) to make a "Saturn I-Beehive". Although the yellow color is unrealistic, the shape of a beehive piece very strongly resembles an H1 engine of the Saturn IB!

The parts Inventory has two minor inconsistencies, due to the outdated Bricksmith library. Feel free to substitute quarter-round tiles (#25269) for half-circle tiles (#24246) in black or white. The parts inventory is not recognizing the beautiful tiles, UNITED (# 6636pb154) and STATES (# 6636pb153) , which are in the official Saturn V set.

Change Log: Updated 13 March 2019 using more call-outs to reduce length of instructions by 50%. Also added title page.

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Name Saturn IB booster (Saturn V scale)
Designer MOCrockets
Designed 2018
Parts 464
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