Flight Works




Flight Works
Your one-stop-shop for the latest steam-powered flying machines!
Set Features -
2,650 pieces Hinged Frame – Open to view interior or Closed for a stand-alone building
4 Clockwork Mechanisms:
Steam-Crane - Turn the lever on the base to rotate the crane.  Then, turn the large gear to reel in the hook & lift the flying machines up to the ramp.
 Maintenance Conveyor – Flying machines drive up the ramp onto the circular platform.  Rotate the platform & slide it down to the maintenance area.
 Corkscrew-Powered Lift - Spin steam vent on top to raise or lower the elevator. 
Sliding Ladder - Slide the ladder back & forth to access additional parts to customize your flying machines. 7 Minifigures - 2 Drivers, 1 Tinker, 1 Mechanic Girl, 1 Clerk, 1 Mom, & 1 Young Aviator
2 Flying Machines – Luxury or Utility
Clockwork Animals – 1 Goat, 2 Large Dogs, 1 Chihuahua  

Other fun details include –
·        Folding doors leading to the balcony
·        Spiral staircase connecting the balcony to the roof
·        Boiler to provide steam-power for the crane
·        Lampposts with Tesla-coils &iridescent gears for bulbs
·        Cobble-stone patterned bridge and walkway
·        Skylights looking down on the second floor
·        Store lobby with reception desk& heating unit
·        Shelving units with spare parts& lights embedded above
·        Work desk with brass light fixtures,writing utensils, & a round swivel chair
·        Cantilevered steel support beams to prop up the balcony
·        Take-off ramp with toothed rails to mesh with gear shaped wheels
Designer’s Notes –
I hope Flight Works appeals to abroad range of audiences.  My goal was to design a set which was both artistic & functional, while keeping true to my own sense of fun.  It wasn’t until after several hours of tinkering around with LDD & completing about half the building that I decided on a Steam-Punk themed workshop.  Which, after 5 seconds of thought, I ‘punnily’ named Flight Works.  I’m rather proud of the end result & would like to see this model ‘take off’.  So, eject some steam into this engine by clicking the support button & together we’ll make Flight Works ready to soar!

 ~ Scott

This was my first submission to Lego Ideas as well as the first in a series of steampunk buildings I designed.  Special thanks to Polyprojects who did an amazing job turning my sloppy LDD files into usable instructions.  Also I feel the need to apologize as you'll have to make a lot of color compromises if you try to build this set.

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Name Flight Works
Designer EndlessAges
Designed 2018
Inventory 2627 parts
Theme LEGO Ideas and CUUSOO
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