an Kree Warship of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy the Ship of Ronan the Accuser. Its size is 3 miles wide. Though the vessel had no weapons of its own, it served as a carrier for the Necrocraft, housing hundreds within its rotating wings. I had luck to talk to the designer Tim Blake, who said that the rotating mechainsmus wasn't any spezial idea - it just looks cool... and yes this it is - just cool ! as it can turn also on this model. Pretty crazy, but it works. The only thing was that he hadn’t any blueprints of this ship, because everything is in marvels hands… So I had to measured out many times the pics and get crazy, in fact that this ship looks so different on different angles…. also the angles and distances between all these slides...make have a stud other way and it looks so sh… o.k. you can look on my first version yourself ;-)
So because of that I never delete so many times like this before hole sections. Do it again - do it again - do it again. ah this could maybe run ;-)

Now (3 years later...) my Lego version is about 108 studs wide and it's done for this years (2018) Shiptember. It's made out of nearly 7000 pieces - The ship gets in complete with
wide: 108 studs
height: 19 studs
length: 42 studs

Update 15.06.2019:
For now the instructions are available as an 435 pages pdf version (made by Simone Bissi)

If you like to built this moc and have the file of send me a mail to: *[email protected]*

Update  28.11.2019:
If you want to buy this as an hole set with parts it's possible via - a brandnew brickalternate with excellent quality parts. There is no presale anymore and all mocs on the site are available from now!
so look here:
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Designer Mihe Stonee
Designed 2018
Inventory 7167 parts
Theme Space
Old Trafford
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Building Instructions For Sale

This is a Premium MOC, and the instructions to build it are being sold by the designer (Mihe Stonee) for €30.00

You will receive building instructions of type PDF - Generated from LDD from the designer once you have organised payment with them.

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