Brickastle Water Park Modular (70657 Ninjago City Docks Alternate Model)




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Fancy a swim? Or some adrenaline action? Or maybe a luxurious rooftop party? Then wait no longer and come visit the newly opened Brickastle Water Park (with enough parts for the original Pig baloon too).

This corner modular features two sections - the Brickastle building and the nearby Water Park. In the park you can find an olympic sized pool complete with swimming lanes and starting blocks, as well as a trophy to compete for. There are 2 diving boards at varying heights and 3 sets of slides, each with a different adrenaline rating. We have a clear display for both the time and the temperature of the water (in Celsius) to keep you informed.

While you're standing in line to get tickets, you can buy some snacks and drinks at the first booth. We offer an assortment of yummies, ranging from sea food to biscuits.

The interior of the Brickastle building features the two booths, one for food and the other for tickets and storing any clothing and valuables (including a safe). You can also find two changing room booths near the entrance to ensure your privacy.

The second floor contains the apartment of the Brickastle brand owner, complete with a bedroom and other assorted furniture. It also has a ladder leading to the roof, where the real fun awaits. If you're lucky enough to get invited to the rooftop party, you can enjoy the private pool, open bar and the highest diving board in all of Brickopolis.

I recommend displaying the Brickastle Water Park Modular next to another corner modular that will cover up one side of the water park. All sidewalks are designed to align perfectly with other modulars on all sides.

The instructions feature both an LDD file (which is properly grouped and illustrates the legality of all building techniques) and standard picture instructions that you are used to. Please note that since LDD doesn't contain certain 2018 parts, substitutes are used in the instructions and pointed out along with a picture to explain.

In order to build this model, you will need to have the original Ninjago City Docks set, ideally with all spare parts. The spare parts are not essential and not having them will simply lead to omitting a few small details (e.g. a couple of flowers in the bedroom, detailing of the entrance door, or the support structure of the rooftop diving board). Please note the Inventory on this page is not complete, as Rebrickable is missing certain parts and prints. You should treat the inventory of this set as the inventory of the Ninjago City Docks set.

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Name Brickastle Water Park Modular (70657 Ninjago City Docks Alternate Model)
Designer Huaojozu
Designed 2018
Inventory 2423
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 70657-1 Ninjago City Docks


  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago debchen (553) PRO
    Purchased but was disappointed to find that the file is not a pdf as listed in the offer.  The right panel, above shows:
    [FONT] [/FONT]

    Had to download some software to extract the files which are all separate pictures, rather than one continual pdf type doc.  Had this been disclosed I would not have spent the money.  Have purchased other MOCs from you which were pdf and relied on the description for purchase here as well.
  • 11 months ago hkx0601 (17)
    Is the instruction only in LDD? Is there a pdf version?
    • 11 months ago Huaojozu (1130) MOC Designer
      There is a picture version. You can see examples above. It's not a PDF file, as I wanted to add some notes into the instructions, but in the end it's the same format you are used to from normal Lego sets.
  • 11 months, 2 weeks ago diniz (87K) PRO
    well done!! I envy your skills and your patience :)
    the water is 29 degrees ? wow... that's a soup :D
    • 11 months, 2 weeks ago Huaojozu (1130) MOC Designer
      Thanks! I suppose you could flip the 9 and make it 26 degrees, which is the standard temperature for swimming pools around here, but I always found 26 way too low unless you're actually swimming/training.
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