Extreme Accuracy Hulkbuster




When I first heard that Lego was making a UCS style Hulkbuster model I was ecstatic. Upon seeing the final model, however, I was somewhat disappointed. Since I love mechs, I decided to go ahead and build my own Hulkbuster MOC, alongside a custom 3D printed head, which I am also making available on shapeways!  There are also versions of the head available which can be used to upgrade both the smaller and larger official lego models.

If you want to build this MOC, please note that while it is somewhat sturdy it is definitely a display model! In addition to this I may have used a few techniques that are not 100% legal even though they fit well. Due to this (and LDD not supporting some legal connections/being finnicky when it comes to joints) some of the parts in the LDD file are lying near where they should be placed. Additionally, while I tried my absolute best to avoid errors, this is a 1000+ piece model and I cannot guarantee that there aren't any. In the parts list and LDD files, bright red is used to indicate internal parts who's color doesn't matter, so feel free to use whatever is already in your collection or is cheapest. 

For purchasing parts, I 100% recommend getting as many as you can from Lego's "bricks and pieces". Many dark red and gold pieces can be found on there for much cheaper than on Bricklink. Happy building!
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Name Extreme Accuracy Hulkbuster
Designer 00dude00
Designed 2018
Inventory 1188 parts
Theme Super Heroes > Avengers
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