Truncated icosahedron




The geometrical shape of this ball is called truncated icosahedron, but you may also know it as a football/soccer ball or bucky ball. The ball is not very strong. It holds together pretty well, but it cannot take a lot of stress. It even changes shape somewhat under it's own weight. My plan was to make a ball with a mechanism inside to make it roll, but this ball is not strong enough for that. However, since I like the looks of it and since it demonstrates the structure of the truncated icosahedron quite well, I decided to preent it separately.
You'll find more pictures, the LDraw design, a guide for building the ball and comments on alternative designs here.

This model uses 180 long axle pins (part number 11214) . Instead you could also use regular axle pins and friction pins.

If you like this one, but find it a bit too big, try the colorful Regular Dodecahedron designed by Xilanium.
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Name Truncated icosahedron
Designer Frank_van_der_Most
Designed 2018
Inventory 1440
Theme Technic
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Submitted by xilanium May 26, 2019
used 32063 Technic Beam 1 x 6 Thin to close the pentagon nicely ;-)

colors flow from top to bottom (in this view) and the yellow path is an infinite loop!