Rugged supercar




Hammerhead - Rugged supercar (1:9 scale)
There is also a chassis-only version of this model, which confines itself to part 1 of the instructions for this version.

Drive train
- AWD with 3 differentials
- Sequential 4-speed gearbox
- One-finger shifter
- V8 fake engine
- Double wishbone suspension
- Anti-roll bars (front & rear)
- 2 studs suspension travel
- 2 studs ground clearance
- Ackermann steering
- Gear-rack sliders
- Working steering wheel
- HoG steering
- Sturdy and durable
- Integrated bumpers
- Adjustable seats
- Narrow mid-console (5L)
- Sturdy and durable
- Integrated roll-cage
- Lockable doors
- Openable trunk
- By the roof
- By the sides
- By the nose
- By the trunk door
This model is the result of a WIP project I shared on Eurobricks. It was not something I started very consciously. Also for me it evolved into something special. I was especially happy with the interference (in a positive way) of other builders. A big thank you to the Eurobricks community, for pushing me in the right direction on several occasions!

Notes on parts
- 32005a (Link 1 x 6 without Stoppers) - used for the anti-roll bars and steering tie rods - is preferred over 32005b (Link 1 x 6 with Stoppers), because each link has tow-balls inserted from both sides. 32005b can be used too, but in that case each link will have one tow-ball that needs quite some force to insert.
- 32056 (Liftarm 3 x 3 L-Shape Thin) - used for the door locks - is preferred over 32249 (Liftarm 3 x 3 L-Shape with Quarter Ellipse Thin). 32249 can be used too, but makes it more likely to accidentally lock the door while it's open, which is not a big deal of course.
- 76138 (Shock Absorber 6.5L with Soft Spring) - used for the door locks - should be soft springs. They are quite rare in red, but you could also use two LBG soft springs.
- 85543 (Rubber Belt Small (Round Cross Section) - used for the 90 degree limiter and the return-to-center of the gear shifter - should be relatively new, say max 2 years. Not that they wear out quickly, but the older ones are slightly less tight.

Special thanks to Blakbird and Busterhaus - with Blakbird being the driving force - for taking on the task of making these beautiful instructions! Making instructions for a build like this is a tremendous amount of work. Even more so, given the fact that I have been very demanding in sticking to my original design.

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Name Rugged supercar
Designer Didumos
Designed 2018
Inventory 2737
Theme Technic
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™


  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago HiT (1699)
    the perfect combination of toughness and speed!
  • 7 months ago Tec-Sau (7K) MOC Designer PRO
    Just finished building the chassis! I don´t know whether I should love or hate you! For me it is the most complex and well designed thing I´ve ever built with LEGO parts. But in some steps it was just frustrating to get the parts in place. But I´ve decided to do the first thing... I love you for sharing this incredible MOC!! Great work!
    But I´m also kind of scared when I think about disassembling it again some day. Such a sturdy build!!
    • 7 months ago Didumos (3K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
      Okay, I hope it was at least a memorable journey 😀. I fear this is not even my most complex model, but I'm aware of a few hard steps. Especially the transversal beams in the bottom of the car underneath the dashboard. Are you going to build the bodywork too?
      • 7 months ago Tec-Sau (7K) MOC Designer PRO
        I am thinking about it. Bought the complete instructions but I am more interested in the technical part. But we will see.
  • 11 months ago Lorenzo92 (3K) MOC Designer
    I don’t have a problem with paying for instructions, even if they were free. I might still have them somewhere actually. But one question; if I buy the instructions here, does it include the chassis too?
    • 11 months ago Didumos (3K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
      Yes, the instructions consist of two parts, the chassis part and the bodywork part.
  • 11 months ago psmyth (6K)
    an awesome build that will always be a keeper!!
  • 11 months ago OleJka (7K) MOC Designer
    But this was free all the time!
    • 11 months ago Didumos (3K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
      Yes it was. I changed my approach a little. I share the fee with the authors of the instructions.
      • 11 months ago OleJka (7K) MOC Designer
        No problem, thanks for the answer!
      • 11 months ago OleJka (7K) MOC Designer
        Than you should clean up all links from the EU my friend
        • 11 months ago Didumos (3K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
          I went over the OP of the WIP-topic. If you feel let down and want the instructions badly, you can send me a PM. I'm sure we can work out something.
          • 11 months ago OleJka (7K) MOC Designer
            Very appreciate you are ready to dialog! But I'd got mine BI some time ago already. Thanks!
  • 11 months ago TurboRatRods (81K) MOC Designer PRO
    Looks like rugged is a little bit of an understatement.

    Great work.

    Thanks for posting.
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