31048 Christmas Lakeside Lodge




I decided to take the Lakeside Lodge (31048) and turn it into a winter Christmas scene. I added white roof tiles, replaced some green plates with white, added some white plates around the back, and added white cheese slopes and 1x2 slopes. I made the tree into a Christmas tree and added a snowman.

I added a 2nd chair (because you have to have a buddy around the holidays), and a table with mugs and treats. The minifig got a winter hat, and I added a wreath and some greenery on the cabin.If you want to limit the number of pieces you have to buy, you could use the chopping block for the table, use the lime green "moss" from the original roof on the tree. I bought a new white base for the tree, and the original brown 2x2 round base is now under the chair on the dock, so it can rotate.

I added Christmas lights very similar to the ones in Santa's Workshop. But the Studio software doesn't have a way to bend the rope, so they stick straight out from the house. Both strings should wrap around the roofline counter clockwise, attaching the red and yellow clips on the roofline. (see photos)

Instructions aren't really necessary for this because you can see where the pieces are - most of the model is as it is in the original model. But a Studio file is available, and you can also view a 3D model here: https://studio.bricklink.com/v2/build/model.page?idModel=66337

I think it's a shame how many MOCs are now premium - you have to pay for them. I'd pay a dollar or two for some MOCs (and for some I'd pay more if I love it), but when they're $4-$5 each, before you even know if it's well built and if you'll like it... I'm not a fan of that. Mine will always be free. If you love a MOC of mine and want to paypal me a buck or two, that would be lovely, but you certainly don't have to. paypal.me/CathyVT
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Name 31048 Christmas Lakeside Lodge
Designer CathyVT
Designed 2018
Inventory 459 parts
Theme Creator > Basic Model > Building
Modification of 31048-1 Lakeside Lodge
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