The ROV3R+ is an upgraded version of the ROV3R. It is two studs wider and a few studs longer. But most importantly it has double motor power.
This required the redisign of the steering mechanism for handling the forces in off road use, which even further decreased the steering radius making it highly mobile. There is more plus to it: besides of having a mindstorms controlled automatic 4 speed gearbox (I copied the small and rigid gearbox from Sariel) and full remote control, the US sensor allows for autonomous driving. When the IR controler is inactive for two
seconds, the EV3 brick takes over control. This is based on the following principle: your last driving direction is maintained based on the gyro sensor reading excluding effects of rough terrain. The steering
feedback has a certain deliberate inertia resulting in some oscilation.
This causes the US sensor to scan the path ahead. This information then is analysed by the EV3 brick to decide on required adaptations of the driving direction, which then is implemented based on the gyro sensor
readings. As soon as a new IR command is received your the master of the ROV3R+ again. The current version of the software is still quite simplistic resulting in the following well known problem: very limited intelligence combined with excessive motor power. As a responsible builder you should not leave it without surveillance. You might be surprised in how much trouble it can get when left on its own.

The software can be downloaded here.

The following remote control features are implemented  (read the description in the software for more details):
- Driving forward and backward with automatic torque control and corresponding gear shifting. 
- Steering left and right.
- Active emergency braking (also useful to rest a few minutes after driving at excessive speeds)
- Off road driving by blocking the gearbox in the first gear. 

Construction hints: please refer to Sariels instructions, if you have trouble building the gearbox. Only replace the two Technic Driving Ring Connector by two Technic Driving Ring Connector Smooth
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Name ROV3R+
Designer kueden
Designed 2018
Inventory 595 parts
Theme Mindstorms > EV3
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