4882 Abyss charger




This is very much an experimental model. While the front section came quickly and charmed me greatly I had no clue how to make the back section work. This was mainly caused by the large size of the front section. This required the back section to be able to balance the shape and design. I made several iterations and each new version was an improvement but still lacking on several fronts. Those versions were all very different from each other. Usually I just tweak until I get it right but on this occasion the available parts did not allow me that option. I had to approach things in a new and different way. This 'final' rendition combines two ideas. Two extensive outer wings and a huge thruster/engine section in the middle. The engine section has some interesting combinations which were basically chosen because they fit quite neatly and once I got going I had to go all the way.

I have no idea what the model is supposed to be. Probably some spaceship, because anything that does not resemble something familiar can be put into that class. Nevertheless I do like the look and shape of it and after several tries I wasn't sure if I could create something that I would give my approval. Considering that I do add the occasional experimental model, this one certainly fits in.
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Name 4882 Abyss charger
Designer drosse
Designed 2018
Parts 118
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4882-1 Speed Wings
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