4882 Hammertail




The name of this model describes a distinctive section of it, but that particular section is just an extra, as the real build consists of the rest. The premise of this model was inspired by an existing lego set which I came across. I thought I could do something using that. This premise was the front section with the four reverse engines next to the cockpit. The rest was all my own invention. The body, at first, did not come easy. I was trying to build up something that would encompass all, to my quick dissatisfaction until I decided to extend the upper engines and make the front section of the body slim. I was not sure yet how I would do the back end until I decided a tail would be funny and if it wouldn't work, I could just leave it. And there it happened. If I would do an extension at the back, could I not do an extension of the engines. There were four plugs I could put into them and I had fitting hinge parts to play with. Another puzzle followed. I didn't have that many parts left and I couldn't make this big as I lacked identical plates to make both sides look the same. The main problem was finding a solution on how to get the two hinge parts well attached to the small wing plate. After a first version I continued with the tail and pretty much finished it off. I was not sure if I needed all the parts to make it work, so I reduced it to a minimum and looked back at the engine extensions again. I made a few other combinations and suddenly it fit and looked good.

I was so engrossed with solving the different challenges of this unusual setup that I really hadn't looked that much at the final model. The color scheme worked out quite well, there were only a few minor, not too obvious, flaws. Extending the upper engines allowed the back section of the body to fit better with the whole. I wouldn't have been able to make it work out so well if I hadn't. The extensions to the engines with the wings and guns were well balanced. Not too prominent  and the hinge connection had a natural look to them. And then there was the huge tail with the hammer-like head. It was not necessary, partially as strange addition, but not out of place. The result is a very attractive and well made model that hits many of the right buttons. I loved it. When I turned it around in my hand to look at it from different angles I realized that with a few small modifications, turning the extension rudders and guns the other way around and with the cockpits on the 'hammer', another well-looking model could be created in which the tail would not fall out of place. I call it the "Reverse Hammertail". Obviously the original side has my preference. It is a great build.
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Name 4882 Hammertail
Designer drosse
Designed 2018
Inventory 140
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4882-1 Speed Wings
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™
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