6848 Strategic Pursuer Blacktron II Adaption




When Blacktron I intelligence first caught hold of the Futuron Strategic Pursuer blueprints, they were thrilled:
Although originally devised by Futuron engineers as a maintenance mech, the Blacktron officers immediately recognized the skull crushing potential of this machine.

Due to resource shortage (mainly part 4287a), Blacktron were never able to build their own Strategic Pursuers. But the emergence of the Blacktron II faction lead by former Futuron engineers that had been seized by Blacktron, changed everything. Suddenly technological progress was on the agenda - next to skull crushing, of course - and the engineering and manufacturing of this version was finally possible!

This is a slight modification of the original 6848-1 Strategic Pursuer. The base is entirely re-engineered with a SNOT technique, but the top is still more or less original.

The model is not as sturdy as the original, but can be played with - if you comply with the maintenance intervals  (just press it together form time to time).

I mainly came up with this because we needed three mechs with decent color schemes and had a surprising shortage of both, 4287a and 73983. Nevertheless, I recommend BUILDing THE ORIGINAL as well. It is a wonderful model: Perfectly balanced and playable.

Find instructions for the original in M-Tron and Blacktron II color schemes at my Bricksafe.

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Name 6848 Strategic Pursuer Blacktron II Adaption
Designer iwzKV45o
Designed 2019
Parts 66
Theme Space > Blacktron II
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