Flattend UCS AT-ST




This is my modified version of the UCS AT-ST (10174)

The main modifications are the flattend surface and the cockpit. Nearly every surface is flattend and covered with tiles. Inside the cockpit, there are seats, controls and a ladder. Some smaller modifications were made, too. 

Because of the mods for the cockpit, i had to change the original mounting of the sidepanels. The "inner" side panels were made with snotting technique. 

The rubber bands in the cockpit should be between the pins attached to the side panels, and the hoses on the body belong to the three open studs underneath.

I changed the color of some parts, and changed each part, were the color is not necessary to yellow, so feel free to choose other color (e.g. the cheapest ;-)).

I also created a sign for the sticker with space for three minifigures. I thought about Chewbacca (sw532) and two AT-ST pilots (one gunner, sw401, one driver, sw797). 

In the pictures, one can see the main perspectives of the build and the cockpit.

The instructions are made with lot of effort and nerves ;-)

By purchase, you get the PDF instructions, the studio2.0 file and a zip-file with some rendered and real pictures.

Since some of you already got 10174 and just want the parts to modify it, there is a nice and easy way (if not already known :-)). Hit "Build this moc", then choose "Build options" and uncheck the checkboxes on the left side. On the right side you can add "Extra Set 1". Type in 10174 and choose the set in the list. Then press "Re-run build with these options" (the green one). Rebrickable now shows you the needed parts without the parts of 10174.

Feel free to contact me, if there are any questions.

Have fun :-)

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Name Flattend UCS AT-ST
Designer BrickBob
Designed 2019
Inventory 1490 parts
Theme Star Wars > Ultimate Collector Series
Modification of 10174-1 Imperial AT-ST - UCS
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