Emmet's Modular Dreamhouse




Mix your love of Lego Modulars with your love of the Lego Movie 2 with Emmet's Modular Dreamhouse!

Everything you see here is built using only the pieces from 70831 Emmet's Dreamhouse/Rescue Rocket. You don't need to buy any other pieces. If you've got this set you can build this skinny little modular!

Enjoy the premium 158 step instructions which include options for using either the standard 8x16 plate that comes with the set or a true 8x16 baseplate (not included with the original set).

Check out the video below for full details and walkthrough of the build along with a demonstration of how it fits with other Creator Expert Modulars.

Not all pieces that come with this set exist in Stud.io yet, so I've included photos of the relevant pieces within the instructions to inform the build where necessary.

All three floors easily detach from one another, just like a real modular.

Fits in great with the official Lego Modular sets:

Floors include detailed interiors as well:
Planty and a TV

Ladder to the second floor

Emmet's portrait on the wall

Wildstyle has an Apocalypseburg vibe going on the second floor complete with her binoculars

Wildstyle's portrait hangs on the wall

Unikitty's portrait hangs in the attic

Bay window offers stunning views out the back

Unikitty sleeps soundly in the attic

Rex Dangervest flies overhead

Connects with all the Lego Creator Expert modulars via standard technic pin connection

Enjoy meticulously created and detailed instructions. Preview:

Update November 13, 2019 - Added revised instructions that include Under The Bricks Branding

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Name Emmet's Modular Dreamhouse
Designer underthebricks
Designed 2019
Inventory 703 parts
Theme The LEGO Movie > The LEGO Movie II
Alternate Build of 70831-1 Emmet's Dream House / Rescue Rocket!
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